Exclusively serving nonprofits, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 and other organizations, Aqubanc is a leading solution provider of US Cheque 21, imaging and gift entry and donation processing solutions. Aqubanc, LLC was formed in 2003 by James Cowen, CEO. Aqubanc has built alliances, collaborations, partnerships and relationships with leading fundraising software, print agencies, nonprofit service providers, and, with component providers who are willing to bend and help nonprofits. Cheque 21 is the solution delivered to nonprofits by Aqubanc into Development, Donation Processing, Fundraising, Gift Receipting and Gift Processing operations. Aqubanc clients include rescue missions, homeless shelters, food banks, child sponsorship missionary, charitable, faith-based plus foundations throughout the US and Canada. We build relationships that allow you to Bank on Accuracy and to Steward Your Resources.


James S. Cowen, has worked with many different nonprofit and for-profit commercial operations in North America and Europe. Repeatedly observing how countless hours are spent trying to process smaller to mid-tier transaction volumes (usually defined as under 10,000 daily), it became apparent that typical methods and technologies are outdated, overpriced and ineffective. The founding of Aqubanc brings together powerful features found in higher volume check, imaging and forms processing operations to help nonprofits and organizations excel with data entry, posting, image archiving and electronic check depositing for constituent and gift processing. Stewarding resources enables nonprofits to better serve their constituents, their donors and fulfill their missions.

Since Aqubanc's inception, the company has built relationships with hardware, software and service providers to make Cheque 21 affordable and reliable. Each of these relationships has made it possible for nonprofits to achieve savings without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Aqubanc has collaborated with Contact Innovations in modifying their remittance processing system to meet the stringent as well as broad needs of nonprofits. This collaboration was so comprehensive to make the flow of data for the entire transaction, check and Response Forms, along with their images easier to post into fundraising software as well as financial software. Before this collaboration, the choice was manual data entry or placing unfriendly barcodes on the Response Form. It is the search and delivery of these types of solutions which have been lacking for nonprofits in their quest to be more efficient in gift entry, posting and depositing.


Aqubanc serves the operating needs of nonprofit organizations and our partners. Every one of Aqubanc's Cheque 21 Solutions are tailored and delivered to meet your organization's individual needs and provide real solutions to your specific problems, Caging, Development, Donation Processing, Fundraising, Gift Receipting, Gift Processing and Remittance operations. Integrity and knowledge about these operations are apparent from the first time you contact Aqubanc: You won't have to explain what a Response Form is, what is its purpose; or, why VisuallyVerify is necessary. Nonprofits don't process pristine credit card or utility bills where margins of error are acceptable, rather you are processing a donor's trust in you and your nonprofit organization. This is why Aqubanc's mission includes upgrading your Cheque 21 solution components without hesitation so you can always Steward Your Resources and always keep your donors trust.

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