Examples of those who have benefited from our vision:

Allentown Rescue Mission

"We have just fully implemented the banking portion of the Aqubanc system and are very pleased. We had an excellent experience with our implementation team and our ongoing support team has been very accessible, and has gone the extra mile to provide assistance. We anticipate that moving to this system will take 2,000 hours out of our current receipt processing time in the coming year."

Allentown Rescue Mission
Connie Deemer,

American Financial

"I've worked together with Jim and Aqubanc many times. He understands what the customer needs, which equipment is the best fit for their needs, and when to recommend new or refurbished equipment. In our most recent transaction, we were able to save the customer over $50,000 while still recommending higher performance hardware. It is rare to find someone else who actually cares about the customer and their needs."

Chris Orth
American Financial Technologies
Kewaskum, WI

“This investment has paid for itself in less than one year.  The system has reduced processing time and labor.  Thank You’s go out within 48-hours instead of 2-weeks.” 

Mark Charvat,
The City Mission,
Cleveland OH

Denver Rescue Mission

"The Aqubanc System has increased the efficiency of our donation processing. This has translated into reduced seasonal staffing and higher productivity from our permanent staff. The Aqubanc team also provides great customer service through the implementation process and are very helpful in troubleshooting any issues promptly."

Chiyoko Yokota
Denver Rescue Mission
Denver, CO

Love a Child

"Starting in 2007, I recognized the need to improve our Gift Receipting. When I began researching options to our Gift Receipting challenges, I became a bit discouraged. It was easy to find vendors who wanted to sell to us piece meal or only solve some of the puzzle. I needed someone to study our mail and make necessary recommendations for a system that could be customized to meet our Gift Receipting needs. Then I needed someone to oversee the entire system implementation, everything from installing the hardware and software, training staff, writing procedures, and, setting us up with support. I was looking for one company to do it all. Of all the vendors I talked to, only Aqubanc actually understood all of the Gift Receipting challenges and how to make them work better.

After reviewing our gift processing systems, Aqubanc recommended an entire process from beginning to end that decreased the amount of data entry by 70%. By going directly to Cheque 21 depositing, we've eliminated the need for multiple tapes, check copying, creating deposits or trips to the bank.

My only regret has been that I didn't do this five years ago. The age is passing when organizations spend untold dollars for data entry operators. The best result of our Aqubanc system is that we have had a substantial reduction in data entry staff, eliminated temporary staff, and, quicker turnaround times in Gift Receipting which has lead to sending acknowledgement letters sooner. This year (Spring 2008), we are reporting a significant reduction in administrative expenses to our donors thanks to Aqubanc."

Sandra Smith
Executive Director
Love A Child, Inc.

“Aqubanc revolutionized how we care for our donors.  Accuracy rates, speed of entry and user-friendly have allowed our Annual Giving team to focus more time on donors and because of this we have raised more funds.  No more double-checking lockbox and we saved over $100,000 annually.”

Nicole Peña,
Director of Development
Phoenix Rescue Mission,
Phoenix AZ

“The Rescue Mission in Syracuse NY wanted to improve its responsiveness to our donors. Our system at that time had several bottlenecks that caused delays in acknowledging gifts. We worked with Jim Cowen to review our current process. Jim provided recommendations for a better method to get the job done. Jim defined the process, equipment, and software. Early in this process Jim gained our confidence and our trust. I can say he has never disappointed us. We have met or exceeded all objectives of the project. That includes being responsive to our donors as well as meeting our budget for implementation and operation of the new system. We have needed assistance for a couple of different reason and Jim has been responsive and very helpful in all situations. I am very pleased that we met Jim and that we implemented the system under his guidance.”

Mitch Rozonkiewiecz,
Rescue Mission,
Syracuse NY

South Side Mission

"I just wanted to send you a special Thank You note to tell you how happy we are with the Aqubanc system. It has improved our productivity. It has also been easy to learn and process receipts daily. I really appreciate your quick turnaround in installing our system and the support provided has been superior."

Full Testimonial

Crystal Kyle
Director of Finance
South Side Mission

"Before initiating The Aqubanc Cheque 21 Solution, we anticipated always hiring a large number of temporaries to get us through the months of processing the Fall acquisition and cultivation donations. Even with these temporaries turnaround times would still be weeks - not days. Now processing donations during our busiest times essentially requires the equivalent of only one person for the entire process from opening the envelopes through working the scanner. All with a 48 - 72 hour turnaround during the busy Fall peak season."

Rev. Tom Laymon
President / CEO
Sunday Breakfast Mission

Denver Rescue Mission

"We process 50,000+ gifts annually, for years gift processing was a time and staff consuming nightmare we often pulled everyone from the Executive Director to the Receptionist in to help open and process mail. Within a few short weeks of implementing the Aqubanc solution we reduced the staff needed to two individuals and the time to a few hours on even a busy 4th quarter day. The time that we freed up has allowed us to improve our efforts in donor relations, moves management and personalized communications. After 3 years of use I can say that Aqubanc has revolutionized our gift processing and has changed our culture and operations from logistical chaos to efficient donor centered process. Along the way Aqubanc and their team have been exceptionally supportive and prompt when we need assistance. I would recommend Aqubanc to anyone looking to improve their process and donor relations."

Carl Parsons
Project Manager
Union Gospel Mission
Portland, OR

Western Carolina Rescue Mission

"We have been an Aqubanc client since 2010. Aqubanc allowed me to cut my expenses and reduce the time it took to thank a donor. Two years ago we changed to DonorPerfect, and Aqubanc helped with the conversion which was seamless. We feel that we have the two most powerful tools (Aqubanc & DonorPerfect) working together to maximize our development with our donors. Aqubanc is a Five Star firm that we see as a partner not a vendor."

Rev. Michael Woods,
Western Carolina Rescue Mission

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