Hardware Components
American Financial Technologies

American Financial Technologies since 2002 has become the leading supplier for refurbished OPEX mail opening equipment including the OPEX 51 mail extractor and OPEX Milly mill-cutting slicer. Chris Orth, founder of American Financial Technologies, fully knows this equipment because he's worked in, repaired and managed this equipment in high volume bank lockbox, retail remittance, wholesale lockbox and check processing operations. Hands-on knowledge is immediately apparent whether you need an OPEX 51 Rapid Extraction Desk, an Omation Mill-cut Edge Slicer, or, the entire breath of the OPEX product line. American Financial Technologies provides furniture and accessories exclusively for the Gift Entry and donation processing clients of Aqubanc throughout North America. Each and every Aqubanc client regardless of their size or annual gift volume are shown respect and integrity. American Financial Technologies has worked with Aqubanc on customers including St. Jude League, New York City Rescue Mission and Phoenix Rescue Mission, and South Side Mission.


For Aqubanc clients gift transaction volume over 30,000 checks annually, Aqubanc strongly recommends the Canon CR-135i and CR-190i for this type of client. These have proven to be exceptionally reliable with virtually all Print Agency appeals, acquisitions and cultivations. All CR-series scanners include up to 5-years Advanced Unit Exchange coverage. Aqubanc clients using the Canon CR series include Allentown Rescue MissionNew York City Rescue MissionPhoenix Rescue MissionVancouver Union Gospel MissionUnion Gospel Mission Portland, and Miami Rescue Mission.

Digital Check

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Starting with the first nonprofit client supported by Aqubanc, Digital Check Corporation has been there to help the smaller and more challenging Aqubanc nonprofit clients. With proven and reliable post-sale support for nonprofit clients, Aqubanc continues to select Digital Check when gift transaction volumes are consistently under 35,000 checks annually. Aqubanc clients have relied on the Digital Check TS230, the much improved TS240 and the new TS500.  All are covered by Digital Check's own Advanced Unit Replacement ("AUR") coverage is best in class.  Aqubanc clients using Digital Check include LifePath Christian Ministries, Home Sweet Home Ministries, Rescue Mission Alliance CA, and South Side Mission Peoria.

Great Lakes Imaging Supply

Great Lakes Imaging Supply is a premier supplier for consumables and supplies for Canon and Digital Check image check scanners, and, for OPEX mail openers/extractors. No matter when you order from Great Lakes Imaging Supply, you will receive your supplies on time and with the quality that you expect.


Strict rules for electronic check (cheque) depositing have built the need to properly destroy your checks and other valuable documents. Rather than leave this process to chance, Aqubanc first surveyed our hardware partners about who makes the most reliable, trouble-free shredder: all recommended MBM. The DestroyIT Cross-Cutis the first choice to shred checks while complying with the bank recommended 14-day destruction requirement for Check 21 transactions. Aqubanc has deployed MBM into City Rescue Mission, Love A Child and Miami Rescue Mission where peace of mind comes with cross-cutting heads backed by a 10-year MBM warranty.


The OPEX 51 Rapid Extraction Desk or Omation Mill Cutting Slicers can provide nonprofits and charitable organizations with significant operating efficiency. One operator can open and immediately Like-Type sort the contents of each envelope at 400 to 800 gifts transactions per hour. Like-Type sorting eliminates the need to sort by campaign or appeal. Aqubanc with our exclusive partner, American Financial Technologies, has provided refurbished and certified for OPEX on-site maintenance OPEX Omation and OPEX 51 Rapid Extraction Desk. By delivering refurbished products, Aqubanc helps nonprofits and charitable organizations to better steward your precious resources without losing the benefits these devices. Love A Child and New York City Rescue Mission are just some of the Aqubanc clients already benefiting from refurbished OPEX products.

Shear Tech

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The best and easiest method to improve throughput through the Canon CR-Series and Digital Check TS230 / TS240 check image scanners is to jog a stack of checks and Reply Devices. Jogging does two things: it removes static electricity that may be holding checks and Reply Devices to each other, and, it aligns the leading edges of the entire stack of work to be imaged - taken together this further reduces the possibility of jams or double-feeds in the Auto Feeder. Aqubanc's research revealed the MJ-1000 by Shear Tech as one of the smallest, table-top, automatic jogger with an outstanding record. Aqubanc requires one MJ-1000 for every check scanner with an automatic feeder.

Software Components


Posting to fundraising, constituent relationship management and donor tracking software (fundraising / CRM) has very unique and discreet requirements. You can't just upload a simple comma-delimited CSV file because data changes, not year-to-year, rather appeal-to-appeal or even within multiple appeals. Once seemingly similar Response Forms are printed the results may vary wildly: by printer, in the size or font of OCR, by barcode, layout and most important for what you are asking for. Until recently creating a standard interface for the key fundraising / CRM was a frustrating exercise. 2500M is the first set of products to create standard methodologies: Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, DonorPerfect, SofTrek PledgeMaker and Clearview, Talisma, Bloomerang, Bernard Data Solutions, Donor.com, Donor Direct, Orange Leap and Abila.

Contact Innovations

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Aqubanc began researching for a better way for nonprofit organization to electronically deposit their US checks and Canadian cheques using desktop scanners while continuing to post to their Fundraising, CRM and donor tracking software. After completing in-depth research, Aqubanc found Contact Innovations as the best company with a customer-centric approach along with a complete solution: IA Remittance as the best path for nonprofits to Steward Your Resources. IA Remittance provides easy-to-use, functionally logical (intuitive) software for image scanning, endorsing, transaction archiving and creation of US Check 21 and Canadian depositing. Combined with proven Canon and Digital Check image scanners with Shear Tech joggers, Aqubanc clients couldn’t be more pleased and loyal to Aqubanc / Contact Innovations since 2006: This has made conversions to the Aqubanc Cheque 21 solution or Lockbox@Work that much easier for rescue missions, homeless shelters, child sponsorship, missionary and other faith-based and nonprofit organizations in the US and Canada.

Omatic Software

Omatic Software is a Blackbaud Technology Partner focused on integrating the diverse systems and streamlining the workflows of nonprofits. As a two-time Inc. 500 winning firm with thousands of clients worldwide on Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Blackbaud CRM, and Salesforce, Omatic is the undisputed leader in nonprofit systems integration and consulting.

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